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Yongmin Chang, Ph.D.Professor of Molecular Medicine & Biomedical Engineering

College of Medicine, Kyungpook National University, 680, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea


  • 1985: B.S in Physics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
  • 1994: Ph.D. in Medical Physics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, USA

academic careers

  • 1994-1997: Post-doctoral fellow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Medicine, USA
  • 1997-Present: Assistant, Associate, Full Professor, Department of Radiology, Kyungpook National University Hospital
  • 1999-Present: Joint faculty appointment in Department of Biomedical Engineering, Kyungpook National University
  • 2007-Present: Full Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, College of Medicine, Kyungpook National University

professional careers

  • 2001-Present: Editorial Board Member, Korean Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (KSMRM & ICMRI)
  • 2004-Present: Board member, Korean Society of Molecular Imaging
  • 2016-2018: President, Korean Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Publications and Patents

  • More than 150 peer reviewed SCI papers
  • 25 patent licenses(domestic), 12 patent licenses on MR contrast agents (international)

Tae-Jeong Kim, Ph.D.Emeritus Professor / Invited Professor

Biomedical Science Hall, Kyungpook National University, 90, Chilgokjungang-daero 136-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea


  • 1976: B.S. in Chemistry, Korea University, Korea
  • 1978: M.S. in Chemistry, Korea University, Korea
  • 1984: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Canada

professional careers

  • 1984-1985: Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
  • 1986-1990: Assistant Professor, School of Applied Chemical Engineering, Kyungpook National University
  • 1990-1996: Associate Professor, School of Applied Chemical Engineering, Kyungpook National University
  • 1996-: Professor, School of Applied Chemical Engineering, Kyungpook National University

research interest

  • Metal ions play important roles in biological processes, and the field of knowledge concerned with the application of inorganic chemistry to therapy and/or diagnosis of disease is medicinal inorganic chemistry. Although the use of metals for therapeutic purposes traces back to the ancient civilizations, their uses in diagnosis through molecular imaging(i.e., MRI, CT, PET, and SPECT) are rather recent events. The future of medicinal chemistry seems to be more promising as we observe the recent thrust to combine therapeutic and diagnostic techniques together in this era of personalized medicine. Even more recent and dramatic endeavors include not only the marriage of different imaging modalities such as PET/CT, MRI/PET. MRI/CT. MRI/SPECT but also of diagnosis and therapy(termed as theranostic) in an effort to overcome the current limitations met in practical clinics.
    In this connection, we are chiefly interested in the design and development of various metal-based drugs for use as therapeutic agents as well as contrast agents. Our research naturally encompasses a wide range of activities such as organic and inorganic synthesis, studies on structure/activity relationship, biological(in vitro and in vivo) tests, and ultimately medicinal applications(For more detailed information about our research activities, see Research Topics below).

recent publications

  • "Gadolinium Complex of DO3A-benzothiazole Aniline(BTA) Conjuggate as a Theranostic Agent", Kim, H.-K; Jung, K.-H.; Kang, S.-H, Kim, Y.-H; Park, Jung, J.-C; Kang, M.-K; Lee, G.-H; Chang, Y.; Kim, T.-J. J. Med. Chem. 2013.56,8104
  • "Gd Complexes of DO3A-(Biphenyl-2.2' -bisamides) Conjugates as MRI Blood-Pool Contrast Agent", Jung, K.-H; Kim, H.-k.; Park, J._a.; Nam, K.-S.; Lee, G.-H.; Chang, Y.; Kim, T.-J. ACS Med. Chem Lett. 2012, 3,1003.
  • "Gd-Complexes of Macrocyclic diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid(DTPA) Biphenyl-2.2' -bisamides as Strong Blood-Pllo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents", Jung, K.-H.; Kim, H.-K.; Lee, G. H.; Park, J.-A.; Kim, K. M.; Chang, Y.; Kim, T.-J. Med. Chem. 2011. 54,5385.
  • "Gd-complexes of Macrocyclic DTPA conjugates of 1,10-bis(amino) ferrocenes as high relaxivity MRI blood-pool contrast agents(BPCAs)", Kim, H.-K.; Park, J.A.; Chang, Y.; Kim, T.-J. Chem. commun. 2010, 46, 8442.
  • "Gold nanoparticles coated with gadolinium-DTPA-bisamide conjugate of penicillamine(Au@GdL) as a T1-weighted blood pool contrast agent", Kim, H.-K.; Park, J. A.; Chang, Y.; Kim, T.-J. J. Master. Chem. 2010, 20, 5411.

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